Staff Vacation Planner

Staff Vacation Planner 2.3

A program for managing staff vacations

Staff Vacation Planner is an efficient software program for staff planning boards or wall charts based on Microsoft Excel. This program is designed to improve the department level management of staff vacations.

It lets the user manage vacations as well as sick leaves and other off times. This tool also provides statistics and a yearly overview of the staff’s vacation plans.

The smallest time unit in the program is a half day but it can be set to any other fraction of a day. Staff Vacation Planner is purely time based and does not include any money applications.

It is very flexible and easy to use. You do not need any knowledge of Microsoft Excel in order to get it to work. Staff Vacation Planner is convenient for planning and managing staffs’ vacation logs and is a great software solution for managers or owners of small and large businesses.